There are around 41 career experience activities at KidZania Hanoi.

From 4 to 14

KidZania is designed for children aged 4–14.

Founded in 1997

Was founded in Mexico in 1997 and opened the first facility in 1999.

What is KidZania?
KidZania is a global "edutainment" model where kids play the leading role, experience their favorite jobs using real equipment and tools, and learn about the structure of society, all while having fun!

KidZania Ztory

Discover how KidZania was born, meet the RightZKeepers and the secrets of our nation!

Get ready for a Better World!

Role-Play Experience

Learn while playing!

Kids learn how to get along with each other while participating in experiences together, as well as grow their social instincts and leadership skills.

Promote practicality

Variety of career experience activities

A real-life experience based on the different industries and created in cooperation with real businesses! KidZania lets children become adults and experience real-world occupations

The world setting

Two-thirds that of the real world, A "kid-size" world!

Everything in KidZania was created at a size designed for kids, two-thirds that of the real world.


A safe, KidZania 4.0 model park for children, 'Kid's Nation.

The supervisors at KidZania Hanoi who have all been given professional training, help children who are overflowing with curiosity to be safe and enjoy a fun experience of what working is like. We have a thorough system in place to keep kids safe and secure.

Global No.1

The global No.1 industry experience

Allows kids to experience being a flight attendant, fire fighter, TV anchor, model, and celebrity! KidZania is the largest "edutainment" park of its kind in Vietnam and offers kids the opportunity to try more than 40 different occupations approached in creative ways.